Frequently Answered Questions

Having studied our site, you probably have questions that you would like to clarify. On this page we have collected the most current information for the convenience of navigation; it is divided into four main categories.

Any citizen of legal age from any country can become a participant of the project.

In the upper right corner click on the “Registration” button and fill in all the required fields. You do not need to provide documents or special data.

One investor can register only one account. If this rule is violated, all accounts such user will be blocked.

Click on the "Login" button in the upper right corner next to the "Register" button and enter the login and password specified during registration.

We accept following Epaycore, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tron, TRC20, Eth and ERC20.

We suggest starting with a small investment in the size of 20 USD for EpayCore and for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tron, TRC20 are $100.

Your principal is included with your profit.

Yes, reinvesting is possible from the balance of your account. If the deposit is reinvested from the balance.

Only 4 Deposits Per Account Are Allowed.

All payments are made instant. To withdraw interest on the deposit, the amount of the deposit or the money received through the affiliate program, you must make a withdrawal request in your account.

The minimum withdrawal amount – $0.1 for EpayCore and $50 for Crypto, All cryptocurrency transactions are processed after 3-6 network confirmations.

Some payment processors charge some fees. 1% epaycore and 1$ crypto.

No, our project does not have a maximum withdrawal amount. However, you can have no more than five active requests per payment system. Keep track of their status in your account.

Funds withdrawal requests are processed instant.

No, it's not possible. We do not provide crypto-currency exchange services.

The principal (your initial investment amount) is already included in the hourly payouts. It is not returned separately once the deposit expires.

Yes, of course you can. Your individual link is formed at the time of registration. You can find it in your account in the appropriate box.

Our company offers an affiliate program for all investors in the form of Eight-level referral program:
1- $20-$3500 0.05%
2- $3501-$5500 5%
3- $5501-$6500 15%
4- $6501-$7500 25%
5- $7501-$8500 40%
6- $8501-$10500 50%
7- $10501-$12500 55%
8- $12501-$15000 60%

No, you are not obligated to make a deposit in order to participate in our affiliate program.

On the “About us” page you can click on the "Check company" button or make sure of its legitimacy by viewing the registration documents.

If you lost or forgotten the password from your personal account, you can use a special form to restore it or contact support.

HOUR BEST LTD is a 3-web based investment platform that includes many blockchain tools such as, Super-Metaverse, NFT. HOUR BEST LTD is a ERC20 based NFT Marketplace to mint and trade digital arts.

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